A style

Pioneers in introducing a drier style than was customary during the second half of the 19th century, Champagne AYALA remains known today throughout the world for its fresh and elegant wines.

Freshness, elegance and low dosage

Champagne AYALA crafts wines that are popular for their precision, delicacy, ethereal quality and their style based on freshness and elegance. Well-balanced blends giving Chardonnay a major role, precise vinifications conducted in small thermo-regulated stainless steel vats and low dosage levels: these are all elements that define the House’s emblematic references’ unique personality.

Caroline Latrive, keeper of the House’s style

Born in Reims in 1975, Caroline Latrive received her National Oenology Diploma in 1999 followed by a master’s degree in oenology in wines from Champagne in 2005. She joined Champagne AYALA in 2006, watchfully learning about the House’s expertise in winemaking, before being appointed as Cellar Master in 2011. Today, she carefully ensures that the House style is maintained by focusing on quality rather than quantity.