A location

Established in A?, in the heart of the region’s most prized vineyards, Champagne AYALA’s architectural heritage is outstanding and provides a unique setting to demonstrate the House’s consummate expertise.

A unique setting

Every stage of winemaking is carried out on location, from vinification to shipping, not to mention ageing, riddling, disgorgement, labeling and conditioning. The 2 kilometres of caves are home to almost 2,5 million bottles, slowly maturing in the centuries-old cellars dug out of A?’s chalky hillsides.

A remarkable architectural heritage

The superb buildings which can be seen today are not the original ones, which were destroyed during the 1911 winegrower’s revolt. Luckily, the owners had shown great foresight in taking out insurance against rioting and vandalism. The current production facilities and offices were then designed in 1913 by famous local architect Demay and built in the Art Deco style, which still defines today the personality of Champagne AYALA.

A style